Shanghai Nights (on S.W.F 03)

For more participants in Sky Watch - visit Wigger's World!!

Picture taken on the roof of U Cool International Youth Hostel in Shanghai...

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Postat av: Quinttarantino

Once upon a time there was this great and fantastic group of people who blogged and photographed … with a click, click here, a snap, snap there, all of them had a week to look upon the sky … day and night, by dusk or dawn, sunrise or sunset … and always there where great and fantastic photos to be seen when SKY WATCH was opened …

I am one of those proud sky watchers and I really enjoy each and every one of the photos you show us. I really think you are a first class sky watcher!

Postat av: Michael Ivy

Great Skywatch Friday! I am so glad that Tom hosts this. I get to see so many new places through the pictures of you guys! Have a great week!

2008-07-10 @ 22:00:26
Postat av: Louise

The color and composition are stunning. Love the photo!

2008-07-10 @ 22:10:45
Postat av: Julie

This is such an unusual image. The red reflected on the buildings puts the sky into stark relief.

Postat av: tom

Delightful view... thank you for joining in with Sky Watch... Enjoy :O)

2008-07-10 @ 22:28:16
Postat av: Emma

Jo baka bröd är inte fel. Det var första gången jag bakade, och det blev faktiskt riktigt bra, med tanke på det. Så snart är det dags igen, och prova ett nytt recept.

2008-07-10 @ 23:58:02
Postat av: Pearl Maple

Fun photo of the sky for sky watch friday. Thank you for adding to the party with your view of the horizon. The colors are so impressive.

2008-07-11 @ 00:25:25
Postat av: SandyCarlson

Very nice! Dreamy.

2008-07-11 @ 01:31:51
Postat av: Rose

That shot is really kind of eerie...and I like it.

2008-07-11 @ 03:34:46
Postat av: Virginia Jones

Very cool photo. Love the colors!

Postat av: PrettyLifeOnline

Perfect catch for SWF! Mine's up too hope you can drop by... Happy weekend!

2008-07-11 @ 10:30:07
Postat av: marlow

the roof is on fire;)

nice colors and a lovely place to sit and think or drink

2008-07-11 @ 15:21:22
Postat av: AnneKa

Hallo from North Norway. Last week I saw all Sky Watch Friday photos and they were all great, and I hope to see them all this week too. I love to travel around the world this way.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful sky watch photos and have a great weekend!

2008-07-12 @ 00:51:55
Postat av: chanpheng

Nice picture. I've never been to Shanghai.

I'm very slow this week in getting my pictures up and visiting other people's sites. My contribution to SWF is <a href="">Watching the Skies over Pakse</a>.

2008-07-15 @ 14:09:19

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