Royal Sweden in Japan (Wordless 34)

- Saturday Edition

About the photo (today I can't help but to add some words to the WW pic):
During the 2006 trip to Japan I made a new friend, Kaz, and one Saturday we made a daytrip from Kyoto to Kobe. Amazing city. No traces at all from the terrible earthquake in 1995. Lonely Planet guidebook describes Kobe as a phoenix who risen from the ashes even more beautiful than before - and I couldn't say it better myself. Kobe is just lovely!

And there we were, walking down the street when I suddenly spotted giant swedish flags hanging from the windows on a majestic house (massive houses aren't that common in city centres in Japan so this one was hard to miss) and of course I had to check it out. Turned out it was the 'Royal Fort Sweden'. A company that specialises in building swedish-type houses for rich Japanese people to buy. The whole street was full of houses like it but the houses were all in different styles from different european countries. Japan goes european!

The property guide gave me and my friend a full tour and I can just add that few swedish homes got that kind of luxury. What was real fun was that they had interior design magazines on the coffee table in the lounge. It was in japanese but had a 10 page article on Malmö, my hometown! The nice guide gave me the magazine as a gift. I dont understand a word of kanji but I can look at the pictures. Things like that just don't happen very often. Being far across the world and get a feeling of Sweden - even though it was a side of Sweden that isn't very swedish at all! ;-)

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Postat av: Lottie

Härlig historia och fina bilder. Det måste ha känts skumt att se en massa svenska flaggor, mitt i Japan... :)

Postat av: Jan @ Bold & Free

Wow. Amazing. I am Swedish too. How did you end up in Japan?

2008-06-05 @ 16:57:58

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