The ruby croft and fire (Ruby Tuesday & Wordless 91)

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Postat av: Pia

Somehow such a house seems very familiar:) Love the fire photo, ah I wish I had one to snuggle up in my home.

Postat av: CrAzY Working Mom

I love the glowing red flames of that fire! Nicely done. <a href="">My first Ruby Tuesday.</a>

2008-12-09 @ 14:52:25
Postat av: DrillerAA

Very nicely done.

Love the subjects and love the photos.

Have a wonderful Ruby Tuesday.

2008-12-09 @ 17:28:15
Postat av: Catherine

This kind of Houses are absolutely not familiar, here. I would like so.

Very cosy Ruby Tuesday at your blog today! Are we invited to come back?

2008-12-09 @ 17:40:03
Postat av: jams O'Donnell

I've never seen a house like that before. The fire is certainly welcoming!

2008-12-09 @ 21:11:26
Postat av: Lori

Great shots. The fire looks very toasty..Happy WW:)

2008-12-10 @ 04:25:47
Postat av: CK Go Places

That's a nice house. Happy WW! :)

2008-12-10 @ 05:42:04
Postat av: Sister

Där skulle man ju lätt vilja fira jul. Lite snö och den där brasan - Va härligt! :D

2008-12-10 @ 11:00:34
Postat av: Raven

Both beautiful. I love the light and shadow in the first one.

2008-12-10 @ 16:21:23

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