PhotoHunt: Hanging at Dongyue Temple

Photos are taken at the Dong Yue Temple in Beijing. It was founded in 1319. It once housed more than 3,000 statues, today about 1,000 still stands in their very bizarre departments. Some of these are the Death and Life Department, the Department for Determining Individual Destiny, the Execution Department, the Department of Wandering Ghosts and the Department for Implementing Fifteen Kinds of Violent Death. Yes, death does seem to be the theme of the temple.

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Postat av: marcia@joyismy goal

AAAAYYYHHHCH that is terrib le -I am horrified at tjhe ways we humans have chosen to kill on anothert

Postat av: Lynn

A pretty interesting entry. The department of wandering ghosts, now that gave me the creeps.

2008-07-26 @ 13:04:44
Postat av: Gemma

They certainly are heavy pics, but very interesting!

2008-07-26 @ 13:14:26
Postat av: Amanda


Postat av: eastcoastlife

We have such a place of interest in Singapore too - called Haw Par Villa.

2008-07-26 @ 16:42:22
Postat av: June

Oh my! What a sight to see upon loading your page. Interesting post though...

2008-07-26 @ 17:21:55
Postat av: Suzanne

I said the same thing that Amanda said, "Wow"!

2008-07-26 @ 20:33:12
Postat av: sallyacious

Fascinating. I wonder how the collections got started.

2008-07-26 @ 20:50:34
Postat av: Tink *~*~*

That's certainly... unique! I never would have thought to establish a Department of Wandering Ghosts!

Here in the US, the news media are making a very big deal over smoggy air quality in Beijing, saying it won't be good for the athletes to breathe all of that smog. How was the air quality while you were there?

Tink ~~*

2008-07-26 @ 20:59:41
Postat av: Liz

Oooh, that is quite disturbing!!

2008-07-27 @ 14:29:12
Postat av: tnchick

Wow, I have never saw such - very interesting and great share for the theme! =)

2008-07-28 @ 05:43:25
Postat av: Annie

Now this is fascinating!

2008-07-28 @ 17:33:28

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