PhotoHunt: Ruin(ed) (also Wordless 81)

For more great photos, pls visit:


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Postat av: Annie

Wow! How very cool to see such amazing ruins in person. Perfect post and great photos.

Postat av: Amanda

For very. I have not seen the actual tomb warriors ruins but I have seen several replicas.

Postat av: Jenny A.

Very cool. I never have seen any of this in person, but it interests me.

Have a great weekend!

2008-11-15 @ 18:03:06
Postat av: Mrs. Mecomber

Oh, the terracotta warriors!!! What excellent photos! I've only seen one or two, ever. Thanks for this.

I did Photo Hunt today, too. I hope you get a chance to visit and leave your link!

Have a great weekend!

2008-11-15 @ 19:38:12
Postat av: Hootin' Anni

Too bad this is also your wordless photos because I would like to have read what you have us looking at. I'm getting a little bit of information from your post's labels tho...

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope your weekend is off to a great start.

2008-11-15 @ 19:42:43
Postat av: mart

I'd love to see this also. I love the shot where the warriors are headless.

2008-11-15 @ 20:07:30
Postat av: Alice Audrey

I'm glad they can put them back together. They are too sad as ruins.

2008-11-15 @ 22:31:37
Postat av: horsoon

Such sorry states of these terracotta warriors... I've not seen it in person, thanks for sharing!

2008-11-30 @ 14:49:04

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