O is for Osaka-jo (Abc Wednesday & Wordless 75)


These photos is a part of:


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Postat av: katney

Another on the long list of places I would love to visit.

Postat av: Marianne

Åh vilka vackra hus och vilken blomsterprakt. Jättefina bilder

Postat av: Tink *~*~*

Beautiful surroundings - I could look at those flowers all day? Are they doing tai chi in that first photo? I am trying to learn from a DVD, but it makes me feel so uncoordinated (I dance like a white girl, too)

Tink ~~*

2008-10-29 @ 18:12:26
URL: http://MyMobileAdventures.blogspot.com
Postat av: Veronica- IFOKUS


Lovley pictures!


2008-10-29 @ 18:13:13
URL: http://veronica-ifokus.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Veronica- IFOKUS

Vilka underbara bilder.

Gillar verkligen hust med alla blommorna!!!


2008-10-29 @ 18:14:39
URL: http://veronica-ifokus.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Neva

What a great shot of both of your pictures! wow....the flowers in the second shot are unbelievable......a nice choice for ABC....

2008-10-29 @ 18:23:02
URL: http://nevadailyphoto.blogspot.com
Postat av: Autumn

Wow. That's just gorgeous!

2008-10-29 @ 18:53:20
URL: http://randomautumness.blogspot.com
Postat av: Dragonstar

Beautiful, and so different.

2008-10-29 @ 19:05:28
URL: http://dragonstardays.blogspot.com
Postat av: JO

wow! beautiful!

<a href="http://www.joarduo.com/2008/10/wordless-wednesday-6.html">Here's my WW</a>! Thanks!

2008-10-29 @ 19:31:57
URL: http://www.joarduo.com
Postat av: Rachel

How beautiful! I love the little pinwheels in the picture of the flower gardens!

2008-10-29 @ 19:47:46
URL: http://rae-regenbogen.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Nettan

OJ! vilka härliga bilder du visar. Den med blommorna

var otroligt vacker!

Ha det gott. // Nettan

2008-10-29 @ 20:13:58
URL: http://nettanspyssel.blogg.se/
Postat av: Scrappy Girl

Wow! Would love to see that "in person." I am loving ABC...it is letting me see so much!

2008-10-29 @ 20:41:41
URL: http://www.fourseasonsfarm.blogspot.com
Postat av: BearNaked

Two beautiful photos for ABC Wednesday letter O.

Thanks for sharing.

<a href="http://wwwbearnaked.blogspot.com/ ">Bear((( ))) </a>

2008-10-29 @ 21:25:56
URL: http://wwwbearnaked.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Digital Polaroids

Wonderful place. I hope some day to have the chance to go to Osaka. Thanks for sharing!

2008-10-29 @ 22:25:31
URL: http://digitalpolaroids.blogspot.com
Postat av: Rebeckah

Your pictures are SO beautiful. I love them! thanks for sharing! God bless!

2008-10-30 @ 01:10:42
URL: http://kaishon.blogspot.com
Postat av: Kathy

Oh I love the colors! Just beautiful! Very clear and vivid pictures!

2008-11-07 @ 00:56:16
URL: http://kathyvausa.blogspot.com/

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