Stumps (S.W.F 16 & Wordless 101)

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Postat av: SandyCarlson

I can feel the sun and the breeze the shaped that landscape. Great shot.

Postat av: Louise

I love the light on the grass. Nice capture.

2009-04-10 @ 22:20:11
Postat av: prkl

very nice yellow/blue-compo. not so nice wiew thou. happy SWF!

Postat av: Neil Tasker

Thanks for your visit. Much appreciated. Did you live in Edinburgh for a while? And where?

Also where in Sweden are you?

2009-04-10 @ 22:55:06
Postat av: Gennasus

Lovely sky, looks a lot like some of our forests around here!

2009-04-10 @ 23:56:50
Postat av: babooshka

It does have nicely combined colours. Reminds me of Provence and Oh how I wish to be there now.

Postat av: Mariamellie

Hi, Thanks for your visit. I love the grass blown by the wind, nice shot! Have a nice weekend!

2009-04-11 @ 00:59:02
Postat av: chrome3d

The field has such a nice rich colours. A bit sad atmosphere even though it´s sunny.

2009-04-11 @ 06:44:51
Postat av: wai yien

vast field, breezy, a great looking blue sky, i like it.

2009-04-11 @ 08:17:12

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