2 Versions of The Marble Boat (Wordless 65)

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Postat av: Mojo

Very cool shots. I'm partial to the monochrome one myself, it seems to fit the age of the subject better. But that's just me.

Amazing how something like that will float, <i>na</i>? Here at the engineering school at NC State University they have a "Concrete Canoe Race" every fall. Teams of students form canoes out of ordinary structural concrete and ... race them. Proving over and over that Archemides was right: If it displaces more than its weight of water, it will float.

Nicely done!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Postat av: CatSynth

Very impressive, both as a work of art and engineering.

2008-08-27 @ 20:33:52
URL: http://www.ptank.com/catsynth
Postat av: Sabina

Jätte vackert!

2008-08-28 @ 03:30:43
URL: http://rudefuck.blogg.se/

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