In dire need of rest!

The past few weeks have been turbulent. Unexpected problems occured when I swapped universities. And fueled by these problems a doubt regarding my choice of future career started growing in the back of my head.. like a pulsating tumour it spread inside me. For a while there I couldnt eat nor sleep. On top of it all I miss Edinburgh like mad. It sounds silly and maybe even a bit weird, but I'm homesick.. Before I went on my wee working holiday my own city had just started to feel like a comfort zone, at least for the time being. At least until I finished uni. But it's not a comfort zone anymore. It's a prison.

I need time to figure things out. I no longer have the energy to take photos and publish them on my blog every day. At the moment I am being creative in other ways. I draw. I paint. I write. I'm embracing this flow.. through it I usually get back on track.. I find answers.. I get to know myself just a little bit better..

I also decided to take back my original blog name. PixieKatten. It has been my internet alias for many years.. it is me.. the Urban Buddha name felt like a sell out.. an attempt to promote the fact that I have travelled in Asia a lot.. It was never me..

Anyhow.. this is just temporarily. Like a bear entering hibernation to escape the freezing winter. I will be back when things look brighter.. See ya all soon..

x x x

©M.P - The Urban Buddha ain't no Buddha no more -

Afternoon sun in the 'Pildamm' Park (S.W.F 09 & Wordless 71)

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G is for 'Giants of Longmen Grottoes' (Abc Wednesday & Wordless 70)

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Half price hysteria (Ruby Tuesday)

The ICA Supermarket next to my Grandma's house one day announced they were closing down.. everything in the shop was half price. I never in my life seen people behave the way they did in that shop. Animal instincts were awaken by the low prices. Pushing. Crowding. Elbowing their way forward.. The noice in the shop was unbearable.. lucky I had my MP3-player.. I almost felt like there been a warning that bombs were going to fall and people now stocked up their shelters. Crazy eyed. Hysteria. Shopping frenzy.

Most wanted items: coffee and cigarettes..

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Onyttigt / unhealthy (TisdagsTema & Wordless 69)

Unhealthy for the body but great for the soul...

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The Statue (Oddshot & Wordless 68)

One day somebody decided to turn the old statue into postmodern art - I found it quite brilliant. But I could tell that people that stopped to have a look just found it odd. And some were real annoyed. Thought it was the work of a thug.. So I have chosen to publish it as an Odd Shot to hear what your opinion is... 

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