The Statue (Oddshot & Wordless 68)

One day somebody decided to turn the old statue into postmodern art - I found it quite brilliant. But I could tell that people that stopped to have a look just found it odd. And some were real annoyed. Thought it was the work of a thug.. So I have chosen to publish it as an Odd Shot to hear what your opinion is... 

For more odd pics, visit:


(although the post isn't quite wordless..)

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Postat av: Paulie

Well, I would have used a bit more tape long as they were taping!

Come and see my odd shot at my new blog.


Postat av: katney

Well, I do think it is odd. I don't think I would go so far as to say brilliant art--postmodern or not. Rather a clever prank, though.

2008-09-02 @ 04:27:48
Postat av: ettey

fab statue!

2008-09-02 @ 04:29:15
Postat av: horsoon

I don't know much about art, but I feel it's more of a prank job, no? Good thing whoever did that didn't mean much harm, as it's only tapes and not stuff like paints.

2008-09-10 @ 08:51:16

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