Carvings (R.T & Wordless 60)

Picture is a part of:


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Postat av: SandyCarlson

That is amazing detail!

Postat av: Mojo

I hope that check box is asking "Remember me next time". 'Cause with shots like these I'll definitely be <i>back</i>. That's gorgeous.

2008-08-12 @ 21:10:40
Postat av: PrettyLifeOnline

Great choice for WW! mine's up too.... Please help for me!!! Asking for your vote, I was nominated for Pinoyworld blog of the week. Hope you can vote my <a href="">Pretty Life Online here!!!</a>

2008-08-12 @ 21:23:20
Postat av: jams O'Donnell

THat is such beautiful engraving. Great shot

2008-08-12 @ 21:48:02
Postat av: Dianne

so rich and elegant looking

the red and gold is stunning

2008-08-13 @ 00:40:17
Postat av: dot

Amazing and quite beautiful and definitely red!

2008-08-13 @ 01:14:35
Postat av: Carver

That's a wonderful carving and you did such a good job shooting it.

2008-08-13 @ 01:21:18
Postat av: Raven

Wow! Gorgeous... and beautifully photographed too.

2008-08-13 @ 03:49:09
Postat av: Janet

Very nice!

2008-08-13 @ 03:49:30
Postat av: Jan @ Bold & Free

:) Happy Wordless Wednesday!

2008-08-13 @ 07:30:04
Postat av: Minkydo

Cool photo. Thanks for sharing.

2008-08-13 @ 07:39:24
Postat av: maryt/theteach

Wow! Those are beautiful RED dragons (but I've been told the are not dragons but ka-lun). Perfect post for Ruby Tuesday! :)

2008-08-13 @ 15:51:00
Postat av: Tink *~*~*

Their golden eyes make them look especially ferocious!

Tink ~~*

2008-08-13 @ 19:34:55
Postat av: maryt/theteach

Urban Buddha, I should have googled those animals before I used the word kalun. It doesn't seem to be the right term. I got the term, though, from a Chinese woman who told me those creatures were not dragons but kalun and I thought that's what she called them. I certainly could have misheard her. I did some research of my own and I think they may be Foo Dogs or Fu Dogs which were guardian lions. Just google Foo dog and see. I'll post an animal tomorrow that I photoed yesterday that might be a Foo Dog.

2008-08-13 @ 19:52:50

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