Cloudy Copenhagen (S.W.F 07 & Wordless 63)

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Postat av: nonizamboni

Amazing capture, light and dark, round and sharp.

Very nice--thanks for sharing!

Postat av: Gemma

What a beautiful, fascinating, dramatic picture!

2008-08-15 @ 13:51:44
Postat av: Abraham Lincoln

The tops of the buildings against the sky is marvelous.

<a href=""> Abraham </a>

2008-08-15 @ 14:53:40
Postat av: Irene


Bilden är stämningsfull, en lugn och stilla natt i Köpenhamn, vackert.

Solvarma hälsningar från Irene

Postat av: dcr

Two memes... One photo. Very nice photo too!

2008-08-15 @ 17:53:05
Postat av: 2sweetnsaxy

Ican't look at the sky for looking at the roof of that building. Very nice!

2008-08-15 @ 18:38:13
Postat av: Donald Kinney

Nice spiral on that spire...

Love the aged copperish color on the row of houses.

2008-08-15 @ 19:35:00
Postat av: babooshka

I adore that spire, quite unusual as is your image.

2008-08-16 @ 00:12:54
Postat av: chrome3d

When I lived in Kobenhavn I used to ride my bike and pass that dragon tower every day. 4 dragons tails make a tower. It´s so mindboggling!

See other dragons here (not my own blog): There is people who actually hunt dragons!

2008-08-16 @ 07:27:45
Postat av: Where You At?!

Nice dark, mysterious shot...

2008-08-16 @ 16:34:14
Postat av: Kelly

I love the lovely sky in Coppenhagen! The steeple on this church is so unique and stunning! Well done! The clouds are surrounding the gorgeous Church which gives such a wonderful effect! Great shot!

2008-08-16 @ 16:49:38
Postat av: Anonym

So beauitul! At first the spire got my attention, but I equally love then green roofs. VERY nice photo.

2008-08-17 @ 20:20:27

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