E is for Edinburgh (Abc Wednesday)

With only 4 days left of my month-long visit in Scotland the letter 'E' couldn't have come at a better time.. it will of course stand for Edinburgh. A city I used to live in and that still feels like home over 2 years later. I come here to visit friends as often as I can. And every time I leave reluctantly, with a heavy heart and mind. I love the city and am sure that one day I will return to live here again.

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Postat av: BearNaked

Your photos are beautiful but the second one is outstanding.

Thank you for sharing.

Bear((( )))

Postat av: chrome3d

The view in the second photo is most striking. Edinburgh looks like a lovely place to live, however short period that may be.

2008-08-21 @ 05:56:53
URL: http://chrome3d.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Denise Nesbitt

Edinburgh is a wonderful city. I too liked the second picture, it gives a real feel of the place.

Thanks for joining in.


2008-08-21 @ 14:17:13
URL: http://mrsnesbittsplace.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Tink *~*~*

Oh, what a shame that you must leave your beloved "E"! I hope you get to come back soon.

Tink ~~*

2008-08-21 @ 17:55:41
URL: http://MyMobileAdventures.blogspot.com
Postat av: Anonym

Stunning pics! Love these different views of Edinburgh! The 2nd pic in particular is awesome!

2008-08-26 @ 11:26:41

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