Hutongs of Beijing

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Some hutongs were completely renovated to make Beijing look good for the Olympics..

Some were not...

..maybe because they weren't located in a 'touristy' area...

Read more about Huntongs here! (In English)

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Postat av: jette

tur att det blir något gammalt orört kvar!

Postat av: Mia

Tack för kommentaren!

2008-08-26 @ 18:39:38
Postat av: Helena

Vilken skillnad. Det måste ha kostat att snygga till inför OS.

2008-08-26 @ 18:46:15
Postat av: LottaM

Klart det snyggades upp inför olympiaden men bakom kulisserna fick de vara som det brukar. Snygga foton. Tack för kommentaren hos mig. Ha de gott!

2008-08-26 @ 20:26:16
Postat av: Mojo

Well... they did a nice job on the first one.

You did a nice job on both!

<a href="">- Mojo</a>

2008-08-26 @ 23:08:19
Postat av: Dianne

a shame everyone couldn't prosper from the Olympic spirit.

I read that some neighborhoods were destroyed to make room for venues.

2008-08-27 @ 02:10:46
Postat av: dot

I think they did the same in Atlanta. It would be hard to redo a whole city. Interesting pictures!

2008-08-27 @ 03:39:52
Postat av: Tink *~*~*

During the Olympics coverage here in the US, hutongs were a "local color" feature one evening. I think it would be cool to live in a hutong provided it was chiefly my family living so close around me. Perhaps that's how they were originally conceived - relatives, relatives, everywhere!

Was good to see you back blogging - your absence from the blogosphere was felt!

Tink ~~*

2008-08-27 @ 03:57:47
Postat av: Pippi

Fin tolkning. Fina foton!


2008-08-27 @ 06:39:23

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