Morning on the Royal Mile (S.W.F 08 & Wordless 67)

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Postat av: Tom

This is a beauty... love the framing here.. Tom

Postat av: Abraham Lincoln

Very nice sky. I like the gray colors.

See my SkyWatch post here > <a href=""> Canon Pixels</a>

2008-08-28 @ 21:25:20
Postat av: Petunia

It is as if it was taking from a Harry Potter movie.

Very nice!

2008-08-28 @ 21:57:16
Postat av: Tommy V

I love your swf photo. so dark

2008-08-28 @ 22:11:27
Postat av: prettylifeonline

Great catch for Skywatch! Mine's up too hope you can drop by.... Happy weekend!

2008-08-28 @ 22:53:04
Postat av: Ivar Ivrig

Vakkert bilde.Nesten litt creepy :-)

2008-08-28 @ 23:05:54
Postat av: Brad

Nice sky watch photo, the buildings really look appealing.

Postat av: Tink *~*~*

Terrific composition - I like how the steeple is just a wee bit to the right of center. Very effective shot!

Tink ~~*

2008-08-29 @ 02:38:44
Postat av: L

Love this sky. It looks chilly, but nice.

2008-08-29 @ 03:48:21
Postat av: Kelly

Such a lovely photo! You took a great shot and captured it in such a gorgeous scheme! Well done!!

2008-08-29 @ 04:55:16
Postat av: Mary

Very interesting shot! Great location!! Mary

2008-08-29 @ 04:55:19
Postat av: chrome3d

Oh, it´s the castle of the evil witch. I love the goth mood.

2008-08-29 @ 07:50:42
Postat av: Arija

Great photo, really like the chimney pots.

2008-08-29 @ 10:09:05
Postat av: magiceye

beautiful composition

2008-08-29 @ 11:10:49
Postat av: Andy

Love the silouette, really brings out the sky! Thanks for stopping by Photonic Harmony, all the best, Andy.

2008-08-29 @ 11:42:54
Postat av: R&J

Very dramatic...

(but the top of the right tower I miss)

2008-08-29 @ 13:27:45
Postat av: Enigma

Love it! What a sky with the spire of the tower against it! Thanks for sharing. I am new to SkyWatch and posted my first contribution today. A stark contrast to yours. Hope you will stop by and leave a comment.

Postat av: luna miranda

love this photo..dark and mysterious.

2008-08-29 @ 18:23:30
Postat av: John

Flott siluett og komposisjon.

2008-08-29 @ 21:56:28
Postat av: randi

It looks like a scene from a scary movie - love it!

2008-08-30 @ 11:14:11
Postat av: Anonym

Great photo, very nicely composed.

2008-08-30 @ 22:09:46

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