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I got 2 tattoos. First one I did couple of days after I turned 18. Then it took me 11 years to choose and decide on the next one. I drew it myself and got it made in October last year. Already I have plans on getting a third tattoo, this time on my forearm. But it will probably take me a few years to figure out what. So until then I sometimes just doodle or paint things on my arm myself. And on the contrary from the tattoos I got which both are just in black ink, these acrylic creations are always extremely colourful. As this is the way I usually work when I paint.

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Postat av: Sarah

Awesome! This one really made me smile. And I'll also admit to being gullible, because I had to double take at how bright the tattoo ink was! :) My photo could be responsible for your arm...

Postat av: chrome3d

Your armpainting is so bright and happy!

...even though the streetlight is in the middle of pedestrian crossing in front of the car...:)

2008-08-18 @ 07:43:23

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