Tread easy on Mary and the dagger (Ruby Tuesday & Wordless 88)

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At the cocktail bar "Vampire Lounge" the above is the floor in the ladies room.

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Postat av: Tink *~*~*

Very interesting! Similar "peep holes" in the ground in downtown NYC, in the financial district (pretty close to Ground Zero). Only these peep holes show that when they were digging up Manhattan to put up sky scrapers, they came across places where the original dutch settlers had buried their trash (cisterns) back in the 1600s! So a few of them are preserved by arranging "peep holes" like that to look down into the holes and see the remains of clay pipes, pottery, ordinary household items, and etc.

Sometimes I miss NYC. And then I get over it :D

Tink ~~

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Postat av: maryt/theteach

Intriguing bathroom floor! I bet everyone walks around it! Great Ruby Tuesday post! :)

2008-12-03 @ 14:53:36
Postat av: Phylameana

Interesting WW contribution. Thanks!

2008-12-03 @ 15:19:18
Postat av: pumita

Vilken ursnygg bild, riktigt häftig!

2008-12-03 @ 17:03:38
Postat av: Boel

Ett sådant vackert stilleben!

Postat av: Gullvi

tjusigt tjusigt

2008-12-03 @ 17:59:57
Postat av: Marianne

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