Edinburgh yeah!!!!

Just a quicke .. dear Peter is waiting for me so we can start stuffing our faces with ice cream, crisps and chocolate bars while watching some stupid horror movie. Been in town for approx 36hrs and done my first shift at Ecco Vino.. and last night i saw Dot for some food and a drink and then the evening ended with a fabulous party at the Secret Arcade where Peter and some ppl had  an amazing music session. Got home at 2.30am and had to get up at 9 to go to work and do my double shift but it was ok because I hardly had anything to drink so I was tired but not hungover at all.. good feeling. And the shift at Ecco went better than I ever could have guessed.. it was like I never left hospitality.. the waitress still lives within and knew how to get the job done.. we got hit at the evening and I loved every minute. It was great to be back in the game.. cannot wait for the Fringe to start!!

Pics will come of course but for now I just want to enjoy to be back without spending time in front of the screen.. so the blog won't be updated as often as usual.

Hope you all are as happy as I am..

..lots of love,

Postat av: Mamma

Nu vet jag att resan från Malmö via London

till Edinburgh gick bra.

Då bara att önska dig en trevlig

vistelse i Skottland.

Var rädd om dig.

Puss och kram



V.v. ge Peter en stor kram och

hälsa dina vänner som jag känner från mig.

2008-07-31 @ 10:05:06

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