Great View - Great Wall (Wordless 53 & S.S.01)

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Postat av: Mama Zen

Awesome picture!

Postat av: Sister

Vilken bild, vilken natur! Breathtaking!

2008-07-28 @ 04:29:30
Postat av: Ken

That is a great view. I would live to view the great wall some day.

2008-07-28 @ 12:12:01
Postat av: Tink *~*~*

That panorama.... I think I would lose my breath and feel dizzy gazing upon it in person!

Tink ~~

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2008-07-28 @ 20:42:20
Postat av: horsoon

This is a very nice shot of the Great Wall. The scene is magnificent!

2008-07-29 @ 09:31:26
Postat av: Aisha

Oh wow! This is so beautiful, Urban! I always love the photos you take. Such a great shot of the Great Wall!

2008-07-30 @ 02:09:04
Postat av: Gemma

The Great wall has an enchantment of legend that always lingers! Beautiful pic!

2008-08-03 @ 10:36:47

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