Since I started posting my pics on sites like Wordless Wednesday my blog have recently been visited by non-swedes so I think it might be appropriate with a short posting in English - telling all new visitors a little bit about me... who I am, what I do, the past, the future and what's goin on at the moment...

Right so I'll be 30 in a few months.. I lived in Edinburgh (Scotland) for almost 4 years. There I worked in hospitality and had a position as Manager at a busy restaurant/bar/club but got a bit tired of the long hours and the crazy lifestyle that came with the job. I returned to Sweden in 2006 to go to Uni and get a teaching degree. Will someday teach Art and English. In just a few weeks I'm halfway through my education - finishing the Art studies and then only got English studies left for 2 more years. As soon as I'm done at Uni I plan to return to Edinburgh to work and live. Sweden doesn't feel like home anymore and I miss Edinburgh heaps!

Besides painting and drawing I got one more love in my life - to travel. In 2005 I went to Japan and got so amazed by the country that I returned in 2006 and 2007. In 2007 I was in South Korea but just couldnt stay away and at the end of my trip I jumped on a ferry and headed for Japan once again. So far I have been backpacking on my own but this year I'm going to China with a dear friend. It will be nice with some company for a change...

Even though I love spending time with friends and family I guess I could be something of a loner every now and then. I think working so many years in hospitality - always surrounded by people day and night - has made me appreciate being on my own a lot more. Not having to put up a smiling facade on the social arena feels great. I done that since I first started in the restaurant business in 1997. Even though I always enjoyed my job there has been many many days when I just wasn't in the mood to be nice and smiley - but I still had to. Nobody likes a sour faced waitress...

Being a student again is tough financially after earning good money plus tips in Scotland. But it's worth it. I try to look ahead - to a future where I get to do what I really love - to teach Art. Also being a teacher gives me plenty of time to travel and see the world. So being poor and stripped off all the possibilities money actually gives you - well, I have no problem being in that situation for a couple of more years.. because as I said before.. I look to the future and it will be all worth it in time...

I share a flat with a male friend and our two cats. No long-term romance in my life and I decided it should stay that way until I'm back in Edinburgh. A man in my life is a possible threat to me leaving Sweden and since I am sure I don't want to stay a relationship here can only end one way - in heartbreak... When I moved to Scotland last time I had a man with me - he was ready to give up everything he had here for me. I dont think I would be that lucky twice... So my love life is currently all fun and games - no strings attached...

Right, that's enough to start I think.

To be continued...

©M.P - Me in Kyoto - 2005

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Postat av: Bro =)

Yay...can finally understand something you've written! More, more, more ;-)

2008-05-08 @ 19:16:23
Postat av: M!

Lol.. easy tiger.. there's more to come.. just a matter of finding the time between writing on my thesis, workin on a tan, posting pics for Wordless (new hobby, let's see how long this one will last.. hehe) and the usual Swedish posts.. and yeah also, me is trying to get my social life back on track.. so much to do - so little time! ;0)

2008-05-08 @ 19:22:55
Postat av: CY

Hey..thanks for dropping by at my blog. Hope u will return to Japan and S Korea soon. I have been to S Korea but never been to Japan. Been to Edinburgh though, when I was studying in London for my degree. Luv the place. Just absolutely fantastic. Hope to go there again. Take Care.


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