Wordless - Ordlös (32)

Thursday Edition

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Postat av: marlow

Happy WT

nice view of the endless sea

maybe the chicken art will start in a few days;)

Postat av: Shubd

the water looks like a blue mirror !! How peaceful and serene !

Postat av: Kathy

OOOO - very beautiful. The water looks so nice! We are going to the lake soon. I can't wait. But our lake will not have a city in the background. Nothing be the great outdoors.

Beautiful photo!

2008-05-29 @ 18:29:35
URL: http://kathyvausa.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Storm


2008-05-29 @ 22:20:27
URL: http://allthingscherished.blogspot.com/
Postat av: dkaye

Oh to be sitting on those rocks along the shoreline now. Such peace.

happy ww. :)

2008-05-29 @ 22:55:44
URL: http://dkaye.com/coldcoffee

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