The Animal Dep (OddShot)

More odd pics from the Dongyue Temple in China are found

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Postat av: Troy Mullens

Better do good.

Nice Odd shot today.

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Troy and Martha

Postat av: babooshka

Interesting and yes very odd imagery.

2008-08-11 @ 23:15:14
Postat av: katney

It is probably not odd to the local population, but to those outside the culture it really is.

2008-08-12 @ 02:29:10
Postat av: piedmontperspective

Very interesting and unusual photos. Thanks for sharing!

2008-08-12 @ 03:09:26
Postat av: Michelle

I know of people who will come back as insects, ven though I like many insects...Good shot...

2008-08-12 @ 03:40:45

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